Selected Recordings as Sideman/Producer/Contributing Arranger/Composer

Remy Le Boeuf, Assembly of Shadows, session producer (SoundSpore Records, 2019)

Michael Zilber, East West Music for Big Bands, pianist (Origin Records,2019)

Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra, Along for the Ride, pianist (Summit Records 2019)

The Gotham Wind Symphony, Untitled, composer, pianist (release pending Wack Cylinder Records) 

Migiwa Miyajima Augmented Jazz Orchestra, Colorful session producer (Artist Share, 2018) 

Eli Degibri with Big Band & Strings, Live at The Israeli National Opera, Tel Aviv, Israel, conductor/arranger (DVD release pending) 

Chris Zuar Jazz Orchestra, Musings, session producer (Sunnyside Records 2016) 

Tony Kadleck Jazz Orchestra, Around The Horn, pianist (self-produced 2015) 

The HR Big Band with Terje Rypdal (guitar), The Mountain Skyline, conductor (release pending) 

Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra, Strength In Numbers, pianist (Summit Records 2014) 

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Today, arranger (DO Music Records 2014) 

NY Philharmonic Chamber Soloists, Strings in Swingtime, editor/additional arranging/coach (Bridge Records 2014) 

Westchester Jazz Orchestra, Maiden Voyage Suite, conductor/artistic director/arranger/producer (WJO Productions 2011) 

Jason Rigby Quartet, Suite For Dewey Redman & Paul Bley, pianist (2011) 

Ken Hitchcock/Sue Halloran, I Can Cook Too, pianist/arranger (self-released 2011) 

Earl MacDonald Big Band, re:Visions, conductor/producer (Death Defying Records 2010) 

Darcy James Argue Secret Society, Infernal Machines, pianist (New Amsterdam Records 2009) 

The Gotham Wind Symphony, New Year, New Music, composer/pianist (Wack Cylinder Records 2009) 

Tim Ries, Stones World, Rolling Stones Project II, pianist (Sunnyside Records, 2008) 

Jason Rigby Quintet, The Sage, pianist (Fresh Sound Records 2008) 

Wolfi Rainer, Gotham Tales, pianist/composer (Kamino Records 2008) 

Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra, First Flight, pianist (Summit Records 2007) 

Westchester Jazz Orchestra, All In, conductor/arranger (WJO Productions 2007) 

The Gotham Wind Symphony, American Gotham, composer/pianist (Wack Cylinder Records 2007) 

Pete McCann Quintet, Most Folks, pianist (OmniTone Records 2006) 

Jason Rigby Quartet, Translucent Space, pianist (Fresh Sound Records 2006) 

The Gotham Wind Symphony, Music For Children, composer/pianist (Wack Cylinder Records 2004) 

Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra, 27 East, pianist (Lasheda Records 2004) 

Mike Hackett Sextet, Circles, pianist (Summit Records 2004) 

The NewYorkestra, Urban Soundscapes, pianist (Sea Breeze Records 2003) 

Nick Brignola Quartet, Things Ain’t What They Used To Be, Live at Sweet Basil: Last Set, pianist/composer (Reservoir Records, recorded 1992; released 2003) 

The American Saxophone Quartet featuring Larry Combs, clarinet, The Commission Project, composer (Son of Sound Records 2002) 

Charles Pillow, In This World, pianist (Summit Records 2001) 

Chuck Bergeron, Cause and Effect, pianist (Double Time Records 2001) 

Greg Giannascoli, marimba; Karen Demsey, flute, Recollections of the Inland Sea, composer (Capstone Records 2000) 

Fundementia, A Whole ‘Nother Story, pianist (Sons of Sound Records 2000) 

Dave Pietro, Now Becoming Then, pianist (A Records/Challenge Records 1999) 

Tim Newman, Altered Ego, pianist (Amosaya Music 1999) 

Fundementia, Fundementia, pianist/composer (IGMOD Records 1998) 

Pete McGuinness Quintet, Sliding In, pianist (Kokopelli Records 1998) 

Chuck Bergeron, Coast to Coast, pianist (A Records/Challenge Records 1998) 

Charles Pillow, Currents, pianist (A Records 1997) 

Chuck Bergeron, Loyalties, pianist (Gayle Force Records 1996) 

Nick Brignola, It’s Time, composer/arranger (Reservoir Records 1992) 

Nick Brignola Quartet, Live at Sweet Basil, First Set, pianist/composer (Reservoir Records 1992)

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