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Hiding Out is an adventurous, risk-taking, thoroughly well-crafted production that showcases the virtuosity of jazz composer, band leader and pianist Mike Holober. Joining him on this 2 CD-set is his New York based Gotham Jazz Orchestra, in three brilliant, large-scaled, and original big band compositions, and his arrangement of a classic A.C. Jobim tune”

Kabir Seghal, producer


Mike Holober - all tracks, Conductor, Leader, Piano/Fender Rhodes 

Billy Drewes - alto, soprano, flute on Flow 
Jon Gordon - alto, soprano on Hiding Out, Jumble 
Dave Pietro - alto, soprano, flute, piccolo on Hiding Out, Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados 
Ben Kono - alto, soprano, flute, clarinet, piccolo, penny whistle on Flow, Caminhos Cruzados 
Adam Kolker - tenor, flute, alto flute, clarinet – all tracks 
Jason Rigby - tenor, flute, clarinet on Flow 
Charles Pillow - tenor, flute, clarinet, alto flute on Hiding Out, Jumble 
Steve Kenyon - baritone, bass clarinet on Hiding Out, Jumble 
Carl Maraghi - baritone, bass clarinet on Flow, Caminhos Cruzados

Tony Kadleck - all tracks 
Liesl Whitaker - all tracks 
Scott Wendholt - all tracks 
James de LaGarza - on Tear of the Clouds, Harlem, Jumble 
Marvin Stamm - on Hiding Out, Opalescence, Caminhos Cruzados 

Tim Albright - all tracks 
Mark Patterson - on Flow, Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados 
Alan Ferber - on Flow, Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados 
Bruce Eidem - on Hiding Out 
Pete McGuinness - on Flow 
Nathan Durham - bass trombone on all tracks 

Steve Cardenas - on Hiding Out 
Jesse Lewis - on Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados 
Jay Azzolina - on Flow 

John Hebert - all tracks 

Drums/ Percussion 
Mark Ferber - on Hiding Out, Caminhos Cruzados 
Jared Schonig - on Flow, Jumble 
Rogerio Boccato - on Hiding Out, Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados


CD 1 
1. JUMBLE 13:50 
2. Movt. 1: TEAR OF THE CLOUDS 14:07 
3. Movt. 2: OPALESCENCE 11:02 
4. Movt. 3: INTERLUDE 1:49 
5. Movt. 4: HARLEM 14:41 

CD 2 
1. Movt. 1: PRELUDE 3:04 
2. Movt. 2: COMPELLED 10:14 
3. Movt. 3: FOUR HAIKU 2:17 
4. Movt. 4: INTERLUDE 2:05 
5. Movt. 5: IT WAS JUST THE WIND 18:30 
7. CAMINHOS CRUZADOS [Radio Edit] 6:29 

All compositions by Mike Holober 
except “Caminhos Cruzados” by Antonio Carlos Jobim. 


Recorded: Dec 17 -20, 2017 
at Oktaven Studios, Mt Vernon, NY. 

Produced by: Kabir Sehgal and Mike Holober. 
Recording engineer: James Farber. 
Assistant recording engineer: Ryan Streber. 
Mixed by: Brian Montgomery, Mike Holober, and Chris Zuar. 
Mastering by: Mark Wilder, Battery Studios, New York, N.Y. on Feb 21, 2019. 
Associate producer and assistant conductor: Chris Zuar. 
Assistant session producer: Migiwa Miyajima. 
Production assistant: Yuto Mitomi.

Sample Tracks

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    Jumble 13:49
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