Hiding Out

After over a decade working as the go-to jazz orchestra composer and arranger on the international scene, Mike Holober returns to his roots with the release of Hiding Out, a double CD featuring The Gotham Jazz Orchestra (GoJO)performing two major original suites. 

The Gotham Jazz Orchestra brings together a star-studded roster of New York City musicians.  Featured soloists include saxophonists Jon Gordon, Jason Rigby, Billy Drewes, and Adam Kolker, trumpet players Marvin Stamm and Scott Wendholt, guitarists Steve Cardenas and Jesse Lewis, with Mike Holober on piano and Fender Rhodes electric piano.  

About the Compositions   
This double CD features a selection of commissioned projects that integrate extended forms from classical music with modern jazz language and improvisation, resulting in a musical statement that re-defines the jazz “big band” as a true orchestra.   

Hiding Out   
Hiding Out was commissioned for The Gotham Jazz Orchestra by The Philadelphia Museum of Art (funded by the Pew Foundation), and was first performed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  This 5-movement composition was composed at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming, and was inspired by the stark beauty of this remote western setting.   

Using the extended form of a classical symphony, the composition develops thematically, punctuated by extensive segments of improvisation, and propelled by rhythmic and harmonic elements unique to the jazz orchestra tradition.   

The movement titles are as follows:   

  1. “Prelude“   
  2. “Compelled“   
  3. “4 Haiku“   
  4. “Interlude“   
  5. “It Was Just the Wind”   

Flow was commissioned by the Westchester Jazz Orchestra (with funding from a NYSCA Grant), and was written during a residency at the MacDowell Colony (in the same setting that Aaron Copland worked on Appalachian Spring and Leonard Bernstein worked on his famous Mass).  It was premiered by the WJO at Irvington Town Hall.    

This 3-movement composition charts the course of the Hudson River, beginning with “Tear of the Clouds,” it’s source in the Adirondacks, and ending with “Harlem,” its terminus in Manhattan. The movement titles are as follows:   

  1. “Tear of the Clouds“   
  2. “Opalescence“   
  3. “Harlem"  

"Jumble" was commissioned by the US Army Jazz Knights, and is named for a lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Fusing musical genres, it is a synthesis of Brazilian maracatu and 70’s fusion.   

Caminhos Cruzados (Antonio Carlos Jobim)   
Written as a feature for trumpeter Marvin Stamm, this arrangement of a lesser known Jobim gem was commissioned by the Westchester Jazz Orchestra.  Selected from Mike’s extensive library of arrangements, the piece highlights his unique skills as an arranger.

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Mike Holober - all tracks, Conductor, Leader, Piano/Fender Rhodes 

Billy Drewes - alto, soprano, flute on Flow 
Jon Gordon - alto, soprano on Hiding Out, Jumble 
Dave Pietro - alto, soprano, flute, piccolo on Hiding Out, Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados 
Ben Kono - alto, soprano, flute, clarinet, piccolo, penny whistle on Flow, Caminhos Cruzados 
Adam Kolker - tenor, flute, alto flute, clarinet – all tracks 
Jason Rigby - tenor, flute, clarinet on Flow 
Charles Pillow - tenor, flute, clarinet, alto flute on Hiding Out, Jumble 
Steve Kenyon - baritone, bass clarinet on Hiding Out, Jumble 
Carl Maraghi - baritone, bass clarinet on Flow, Caminhos Cruzados 

Tony Kadleck - all tracks 
Liesl Whitaker - all tracks 
Scott Wendholt - all tracks 
James de LaGarza - on Tear of the Clouds, Harlem, Jumble 
Marvin Stamm - on Hiding Out, Opalescence, Caminhos Cruzados 

Tim Albright - all tracks 
Mark Patterson - on Flow, Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados 
Alan Ferber - on Flow, Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados 
Bruce Eidem - on Hiding Out 
Pete McGuinness - on Flow 
Nathan Durham - bass trombone on all tracks 

Steve Cardenas - on Hiding Out 
Jesse Lewis - on Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados 
Jay Azzolina - on Flow 

John Hebert - all tracks 

Drums/ Percussion 
Mark Ferber - on Hiding Out, Caminhos Cruzados 
Jared Schonig - on Flow, Jumble 
Rogerio Boccato - on Hiding Out, Jumble, Caminhos Cruzados


Recorded: Dec 17 -20, 2017 
at Oktaven Studios, Mt Vernon, NY. 

Produced by: Kabir Sehgal and Mike Holober. 
Recording engineer: James Farber. 
Assistant recording engineer: Ryan Streber. 
Mixed by: Brian Montgomery, Mike Holober, and Chris Zuar. 
Mastering by: Mark Wilder, Battery Studios, New York, N.Y. on Feb 21, 2019. 
Associate producer and assistant conductor: Chris Zuar. 
Assistant session producer: Migiwa Miyajima. 
Production assistant: Yuto Mitomi. 

Cover photo by: Bibek Singh. 
Art direction and package design: Jack Frisch. 
Executive Producer: Joachim “Jochen” Becker.

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“Hiding Out is an adventurous, risk-taking, thoroughly well-crafted production that showcases the virtuosity of jazz composer, band leader and pianist Mike Holober. Joining him on this 2 CD-set is his New York based Gotham Jazz Orchestra, in three brilliant, large-scaled, and original big band compositions, and his arrangement of a classic A.C. Jobim tune” 
— Kabir Seghal, producer 

“Progressive modern jazz, brilliant soloists and great charts . . .” 
— JazzArtistryNow 

“The album "Hiding Out" contains many moments of beauty, of melodies that sing and harmonies that ring, with solos that have power and grace. Give this music the time it deserves to enter your mind (and heart) – its rewards are plentiful. Mike Holober & The Gotham Jazz Orchestra have made one splendid musical adventure!” 
— Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest 

“The stream of sounds that emerge from this taut machine pulse and probe like a unified aqueous body in motion. Holober guides his group with precision, but like an impressionistic painter, he allows for the band to have its own organic aspiration, its own distinct vitality.” 
— Ralph A. Miriello, Notes on Jazz 

“Mike Holober has a daring compositional voice which is on full display in this release ” 
— Pierre Giroux, Audiophile Audition 

“Mike Holoder's Gotham Jazz Orchesta's latest release Hiding Out is a two disc set of awe-inspiring compositions . . . . The two discs comprise a full 93 minutes of powerful orchestral magic, full of emotion and splendor at every turn, with adventurous and complex arrangements, informed by classics of Gil Evans, Duke Ellington and many others. Perhaps as a listener the only thing better than absorbing this music off of the discs at hand would be experiencing it performed live.” 
— Peter Thelen, Exposé 

“Presenting a series of commissioned works—two suites bookended by two stand-alone pieces—Holober is in his element. Channeling nature's bounty into varied dimensions and directions, he manages to meld two of his loves—the great outdoors and sound itself—into enthralling functions and forms . . . . As with Holober's other albums and works for large ensembles, the material on Hiding Out is both serious and engrossing. Who says jazz can't fire the intellect and the imagination?” 
— Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz 

 “A sure handed modern master . . .  ” 
— Midwest Record Blog

"Articulate composer and astute arranger, the rhythmically adroit Holober must think in four dimensions to deliver the deeply satisfying development that is a hallmark of every track on the album . . . . Holober’s development captures your attention from moment to moment and carries you to liberating resolutions. The finely tuned orchestra delivers on his every command, and the soloists shine again and again."

— Mel Minter, Musically Speaking


Photo credits:  Perry Hall