Mike Holober: Balancing Act (Reviews)

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“Conceptualizing and creating music is a delicate balancing act, leaving composers to strive for symmetry between head and heart, reasoning and intuition, and structure and freedom. Who better to understand that than Mike Holober?”

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Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz, October 14, 2015

“When pianist/arranger/composer Mike Holober needed a break from his work with big bands such as the Westchester Jazz Orchestra, Gotham Jazz Orchestra, HR Big Band, and WDR Big Band, he decided to take a busman’s holiday and put together a small big band, the eponymous octet Balancing Act . . . . The performances
throughout are top drawer, approaching the rhapsodic at several turns . . . .

Mel Minter, “Flash Reviews of Harvey Valdez, Mike Holober, and Kristina Jacobsen,” Musically Speaking, November 2015

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“It’s an altogether ambitious project, but the music never shows it. The compositions and arrangements are wonderfully realized—full of joy and energy, regardless of their complexity.”

Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz, November 2015

“”Balancing Act” speaks to the challenges of modern life and is adult music of the highest quality.  Mike Holober does not speak down to his audience; instead, he respects the idea that the curious listener will enjoy the width and breadth of his project. The songs are intelligent, the arrangements impressive and the musicianship outstanding – find this music and take it into your heart.”

Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest Blogspot

“Mike Holober Achieves a Rare ‘Balancing Act’ with new Palmetto Release . . . . elegant proceedings . . . . glorious arrangements . . . . a gorgeous swell of uplift . . . . the octet moves and grooves with a panache usually reserved for commissioned works of art.”

Mike Greenblatt, Classicalite

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